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AQB - Here are all practical details!





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Dear festival-goers,

This year we see more Ai What Bom # 4!

To better meet the needs of festival goers who are more knowledgeable and numerous, and to allow our teachers and artists sharing their expertise in the best conditions, we have chosen 3 places of exceptions :

The Dance Center Rick Odums: dedicated this year in its entirety in dance and music.
Cabaret Sauvage: one of the most beautiful rooms of Paris where we hosted last year Falamansa.
Bellevilloise: will fully for us, with 2 large rooms and a mezzanine - twice the space last year.

We will honor our artists and teachers with whom we work to change the Forró in the world, and allow our dear beautiful festival meetings, moments of dance, music and wellness! :)


Ai team What Bom


Dear Festivalgoers,

This year we are going larger for Ai Que Bom #4!

In order to better meet the demands of our festivalgoers who are more and more knowledgeable and numerous & to provide our teachers and artists with better conditions to share their knowledge, we have selected 3 exceptional places:

The Dance Centre Rick Odums will be exclusively available for dance and music classes this year.

The Cabaret Sauvage, one of Paris’ greatest concert halls, where we received Falamansa last year will be ours for 2 of the nights

La Bellevilloise: will be fully ours, with its 2 large dancing rooms and mezzanine – in other words, double the space we had last year.

We wish to honour our artists and teachers, with whom we work for the evolution of Forró around the world and also provide our dear festivalgoers with great meeting opportunities, moments of dance, music and well-being !!

See you soon,
The Ai Que Bom team


Dear festival-goers,
Ai Que Bom # 4 is coming in big steps - and This year we have space!

We look forward to more and more Forrozeiros, and you will become real experts Festival ;) To meet your expectations in the best possible and to enable the teachers, singers and musicians to share their knowledge and skills under the best conditions, we have for this year 3 wirklich tolle Locations showing:

The Dance Center 'Rick Odum': This year the entire center will belong to us and are available for dance classes and music workshops available

Das ‘Cabaret Sauvage’: who will remember this great tent at Falamansa concert was! It is one of the biggest and most party venues of the city

Die 'Bellevilloise' we double the space! This year can be danced in two large ball rooms and we still use to the mezzanine

We would like to thank all the artists and teachers in advance for their great work that promotes the forró world and allows us to all festival goers to create wonderful moments with dance, music, fun and many many great memories! :)

Bis bald ganz in Paris
Das Team von Ai bom

Dear Forrozeiros,

This year we expanded Ai That Good # 4!

To better meet the requests of you, each more experienced and numerous day and provide our teachers and artists a better infrastructure for imparting their knowledge, we select three wonderful places:

The Dance Center Rick Odum, This year will be devoted entirely to dance lessons and music.
The Cabaret Sauvage, A wonderful home where we received Falamansa last year, will be ours for 2 of the 4 parties of the festival.
A Bellevilloise, Will be fully ours, with its 2 large rooms and mezzanine, ie twice the size of last year.

We hope to honor our artists and teachers with whom we work to advance the Forro in the world, and so to provide our dear festival-goers moments of meeting, dance, music and wellness!

Até breve,
Hence Equipe Bom